NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender Review The Budget Personal Blender To Buy

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About Nutribullet NBR-0601 Blender

The Ntribulet NBR-0601 is a personal serve blender, a  nutrient extractor with a built-in 600-watt motor, ideal for smoothies, juice, cocktail, shakes, and baby food.   Comes with a 24-ounce cup and  To-go lid, easy to install and dishwashable.

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender Specifications Details

Brand nameNutriBullet
Blending power600W
Blade type4-point blade, stainless steel
Motor speed2400-10% RPM
Cup size24-ounce -1 Togo lit
Item weight5.57 pounds
Dimensions11.61 x 6.85 x 12.28 inches
Global ratings4.8 out of 5 stars.

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender Review

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Nutribullet is a well-known brand when comes to the high-quality blender and their   NBR-0601  is no exception. This blender is one of the fastest and easiest to use blenders that can help get the best texture out of your various nutrient ingredients and smoothies.  This blender will handle ingredients like nuts, berries, spinach, apples, and more easily.  The 600-watt built-in motor included is strong and built to last longer.

The motor is designed in a way to dissipate the strong heat out fast and easy and also to allow fresh air in to cool the motor down during operations.  The reliable motor has a good blade rotate speed count rate that can handle the toughest and hardest ingredient within a couple of seconds. This blender will pulverize ice or coffee in 10 seconds.

However, the  4-point blade included is strong and sharp, easy to install, and clean. A hardened blade,  free from the harmful agents.

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender
NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

The 24-ounce with the to-go lid makes this person more valuable to use anywhere. This blender is portable and can be used even in your working place because it won’t make any noise at all.  A portable cup with Lid make it easy to carry your workout shake and even water during your various fitness activities or when hiking.

Are you looking for a portable personal blender with high-quality performance without breaking the bank for it, then if so this  Ntribulet NBR-0601 is a  personal blender for want to go for.

 NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender Compare To The Other  Product Of  The Competitors Like Ninja Blender

This blender is on the top side if  compare with any other blender from the  competitor like  Ninja blender, nevertheless,  here are some great features that distinguish this blender from the rest of them here:

Blending Power

The blending power in this blender is great, thanks to its 600-watt built-in horsepower motor.  The blender gives you the perfect texture you want from your various nutrient ingredients including smoothies, nuts,  it can make you a cocktail fast, shakes, and baby foods. 

This blender has a good structure and vented body, plus the (OP) Overheating protecting technology included will automatically stop the blender to prevent burnout when the blender is overloaded or overheated, so you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with the motor.   The 600-watt motor blender won’t make noise during operation,  it’s even quieter than any blender of the same wattage.

Control System

This blender comes with an easy-to-use control system and won’t turn until the lid is properly locked and the cup is properly aligned. A portable nutrient extractor blender can be used anywhere you are,  even at your working place.

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender
NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

 4-Point Blade

The 46-point blade included is made from high-quality stainless steel,  a blade that had been hardened already, so to make it safer to use, a BPA-free blade is free from harmful agents.  The blade will slice through the hardest ingredient, including nuts, coffee,  ice in a second and give you the perfect smooth texture you desire. Easy install the blade, easy to uninstall or to clean,  the blade can also be a dishwasher.

24-Ounce Cup With To-Go Lid

The 24-ounce  cup is perfect and portable, easy to carry. The cup and lid are made from high-quality Tritan material. A BPA free from harmful agents.  The cup is odorless, leakproof, breakproof charter proof, and easy to clean up or dishwasher.  A Portable and durable cup and lid are great to carry your shakes, and drinks along with you anytime anywhere.

NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender Review The Budget Personal Blender To Buy

7 Key Decision-Making Factors To Choose Nutribullet NBR-0601 Blender

  1. A formidable motor with Good blending power anytime
  2. High-quality design with the main aim to  last longer
  3. Inexpensive personal blender  with  good features
  4. Very silent motor cooled  by a good  sturdy ventilated design
  5. portable and easy to carry
  6. Easy to clean  accessories  made from BPA free materials
  7.   Easy to use or control, easy to install blade or uninstalled to dishwasher
NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender
NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

Pros and cons of the NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

The Pros  of the NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

  • Unique look
  • Good value
  • Overall performance is great
  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  • +plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case you are having issues with the product.
  • 100% full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.

The Cons Of The NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender

  • Not the cheapest options
  • No many color options

Is Nutribullet NBR-0601 A Good Personal Blender Worth Buying?

I would say this is an optimum personal blender for smoothies or personal drinks.  I try to use it daily and it’s cool stuff, however, have additional containers and accessories, which in with additional cost so if you are looking for a valuable personal blender for juicing without breaking the bank for it, that will work then  I would recommend this one. This’s a great blender from a great brand well known for their high-quality product offered to the buyers.

Conclusion Of The NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender Review The Budget Personal Blender To Buy

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NutriBullet NBR-0601 Blender


Unique look


Good value


Overall quality



  • Unique look
  • Good value
  • Overall quality


  • Not the cheapest option
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