Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient blender with food processor capability? if so then the  Oster versa pro is what you need to take get the best out of your various ingredients,  this multi-functional blender is designed to help you achieve the best texture and consistency you desire in no time.

Take a quick  look  at  what you get  here before we jump into the full review:

What do you get

14.8 pounds BLSTVB-104-000 series 1100 watts  Oster Versa Pro Blender with Food Processor attachments, Blend-N-Go Smoothie Cups, and  4-cup Mini Jar multi-functional kitchen countertop blender.

Product details for Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender

  • Brand Name: Oster
  • Manufacturer: Jarden Consumer Solutions
  • Material:  metal body and  Tritan plastic
  • Wattage 1100 watts
  • Jar capacity:  8-cup Two 20 oz Blend-N-Go Cups
  • Product Dimensions 14.2 x 11.2 x 17.7 inches
  • Item Weight 14.8 pounds
  • Warranty: included


Why We recommded  Oster Versa Pro

The Oster Versa Pro is one of our number  1#  choice and the reason why we recommend this blender is its diverse quality design,  safety material used, and convenience. It’s highly recommded even by those who are using it, you can find out yourself here, ==>> ==>> Please click here to find out what those that are using it say here <<==

Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender

 1100w Builtin Motor

The 100-watt motor is powerful and quiet,  it comes with an easy ventilated design which allows fresh inside to dissipate the strong heat out fast in order to prevent overheating making it one of the reliable blenders you can go for, it’s perfect for blending smoothies, whole juices shakes hot food and frozen ones.

 8 cup Large capacity jar

The 8-cup  capacity jar inluded is of  BPA-free Tritan plastic durable and dishwasher-safe jar, so it pretty safe and perfect for the whole family use.

Hardened blade

The hardened blade included, add more value to this blender, it’s very effective and easy to clean up, plus the patented dual direction technology system, so, the blades can alternate forward and backward,  while drawing food and frozen ingredients into the blade.

Easy Setting

Easy control and setting make the blender easier to use,  the pre-programmed settings are easy to control, so you have both the manual settings for precise control and the preprogrammed.

Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender
Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender

Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender Vs.  Other Blender Series in market.

The most important feature that distinguishes this blender from the  rest of  the  are as follows:

Powerful blending power

Thanks to the  1100 watt built-in motor for effective blendings like shakes smoothies and more.

Effective blade

The blade included is patented, has a dual direction technology, which means it can alternate move forward and backward, drawing food and frozen ingredients into the blade giving perfect results time after time.

Good control system

The blender features a combination of manual settings for precise control as well as pre-programmed settings so it can do the thinking for you.

High quality and durable material

The material uses are of high quality, (Duralast All-Metal Drive) which assures lasting quality and performance.

 2  – 20 0unce portable bottles

Aside from the 8-cup BPA-free Tritan plastic durable dishwasher-safe jar pitcher inluded you also get  2 -20 ounce portable Blend-N-Go Cups/bottles, for you can blend your fruits and veggies and take it with you anywhere,  or use as a water bottle for later quench your tasty.

Food Processing Capability

The blender has a food processing capability, with 5 cups food processor attachment, plus, a recipe Book to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

 Money-back Warranty included

The money-back warranty inluded gives you the possibility to return the power blender and have your money back in case you are not satisfied with what you purchase. Oster is a   responsible brand that Provides you with quality assurance and good customer service,  so you can get in touch with them anytime If you have any questions, you have a Lifetime satisfaction guarantee at your disposition.

Pros and cons of the Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender.


  •  Multifunctional
  •  Easy and convenient to use
  •  Secure and  stable
  • Durable  quality
  • High-quality   and  sturdy design
  • Warranty included

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  •  Limited edition
  • It’s a little heavy

is Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender worth buying: Final thought

Yes, it doe, according to our in-depth research carried out on this multi-functional power blender, we found out that this is worth buying and it is from a reliable brand,  it scores good ratings and reviews from those that are using it.


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