iCucina 300 W HL2576 Personal Portable Bullet Blender Review

Full Specifications for the iCucina 300 W HL2576 Personal Portable Bullet Blender

  • Global ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars 917 ratings
  • Material Tritan Plastic
  • Brand ICUCINA
  • Item model number HL2576
  • Manufacturer Thimax
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 3.5 x 12 inches
  • Product Dimensions 4 x 3.5 x 12 inches
  • style:  portable personal
  • User:  unisex
  • Item Weight 3 pounds
  • Customer Reviews 4.2 out of 5 stars 917 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Money-back warranty included
  • Please check the current price here on amazon  == >>

What do you get

What you get shipped to you is a supreme quality icucina multi-functional portable personal bullet blender, a 300-watt powerful built-in motor to help you power through your ingredient and give you the best texture.

How can you benefit from the iCucina 300 W HL2576 Personal Portable Bullet Blender?

You can benefit from the icucina multifunctional blender if you buy now. You up to   10% off of their regular’s normal price, thanks to their save big offer going right now on amazon.

Why do you need iCucina Personal Portable Bullet Blender?

The reason you portable blender of this type for blending is the quality of the, the durability, portability and the better user experiences which we will be discussing.

Better blending power

300 Watt built-in motor is capable enough to power, through Shakes, Smoothies and any of your tough ingredients.

Plus, it features with One-touch blending control system which makes it easier to blend your favorite drinks in just 10 second or less.

The portable blender is quiet and won’t make noise when in use, structured in a way to allow fresh air inside to cool the motor down, preventing the blender from overheating.

 4 stainless steel blade

The  4  stainless steel blade included is safe and food graded. Made from high quality BPA stainless steel.

Thanks to the power of the motor and the effectiveness of the blade, you will make perfect smoothies, juices, cocktails, protein shakes and baby foods in a breeze.

 Portable and easy to clean 28 ounce cup

the easy to clean 28 ounce cup included is super portable on the go for any occasion, no matter where you are, whether in your office, at the gym or in your car.

Enjoy your favorite drink anywhere with easy to clean blender with one button operation

The To Go Lids

The to- go- lids included make the blender safer, leak proof and easy to carry this 28oz Blender Cups with To-Go Lids what you need for your daily drink needs.

iCucina Personal Portable Bullet Blender, 300 Watt For Shakes and Smoothies, Easy To Clean, Shake Blender with One-Button Operation, 28oz Blender Cups with To-Go Lids

What set the iCucina 300 W HL2576 Personal Portable Bullet Blender from the rest of the market?

 Better and stylish design

One of the important features that distinguishes this blender from the rest of them is the Better and stylish design.

The multifunctional portable blender is compact, versatile, its structure to fit in most car cup holder, portable and looks great on your kitchen counter.

 Easy to clean

If you are looking for easy to clean and portable blender, then this is what you need, to clean up, just fill it with water, a drop of soup and hold down the button to let it clean itself up.

Plus the blender cups and the to- go- lids are dishware safe, while the body is supper lightweight and easy to carry.

 They include safety lock

Equipped with a safety lock, the machine will only work when the cup is locked properly onto the base.

Enjoy suction cupped non-slip base and sip freely with BPA- free plastic.
Customer ratings by feature

Pros, cons and drawback of the iCucina 300 W HL2576 Personal Portable Bullet Blender


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Blending power
    Money back warranty included

Cons and drawbacks

  • Limited edition
  •  No color selection available


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