How Do You fix the New World GPU issue? (Explained)

How Do You fix the New World GPU issue? (Explained)

  Amazon’s New World has had a difficult development process since its announcement in 2016, with numerous delays and huge mistakes revealed during the game’s closed beta. One of the most serious of these flaws is New World’s proclivity to fry high-end graphics cards like the Nvidia RTX 3090. Fortunately, Amazon is aware of the … Read more

Why’s there a GPU Shortage Going On? (Explained)

Why's there a GPU Shortage Going On? (Explained)

  This is because demand for PC hardware is decreasing due to the prospect of a recession, as well as the fact that many people who needed to replace their computers did so immediately before the epidemic. Furthermore, Nvidia is currently selling fewer GPUs to miners, partially due to the crypto slump and partly due … Read more

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