How Much Thermal Paste Should you Apply to the GPU? (Explained)

How Much Thermal Paste Should you apply to the GPU? (Explained)

If you’ve dabbled in PC construction, you’ve probably heard of thermal paste. Other names for this material include thermal grease, heat paste, CPU paste, thermal gel, and thermal interface material (TIM). Whatever you name it, the right application of thermal paste is critical to ensuring the proper operation of your CPU. That is why it … Read more

What Exactly is Liquid Metal Paste Efficiency? (Explained)

What Exactly is Liquid Metal Paste Efficiency? (Explained)

The LVM-700 Series is a liquid metal thermal paste (thermal interface material) composed of a gallium-indium-tin alloy. With a boiling point of up to 2,000°C and exceptionally stable physical and chemical properties, the substance is non-volatile in the air. It is a viscous thermal compound with 100% metal content that has good vertical (z-plane) thermal … Read more

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