How Do you fix Android phone that keeps Restarting? (Explained)

Fix an Android phone that keeps restarting with this easy tips. Nothing feels more irritating than having your phone restart now and then.

In the Android Development language, this is known as “random restarting,” and it is not very common. But when it happens, it causes a lot of difficulties, or what you might call frustration.

“How come this is happening?” “Is there anything I can do to stop my phone from shutting down and restarting?” These questions may be running through your head! Relax, this problem is mostly fixable! And, in most cases, you can do it at home.

In this post, we’ll go through “random-rebooting” in depth, starting with the reasons why your phone keeps restarting or crashing and then moving on to solutions.

How do you fix an Android phone that keeps restarting?

  1. Update the app and the system
  2. Clear All Phone Storage
  3. Close background apps: 
  4. Check to see sure the system apps have not been disabled.
  5. Examine for Corrupted Apps

  • Update the app and the system

When some programs and Android systems are not routinely updated, they can explain why your Android phone keeps restarting.

As a result, ensure that they are up to date. When random restarting occurs, this should be the first step.

How to Update Applications

  • Open Play Store and select the Menu option (upper-left)
  • Select My Apps & Games.
  • From here, you can choose to update the applications individually or to download all available updates by tapping Update All.
  • Allow App Permissions wherever necessary, and then click “Accept” to complete the procedure.

To see if you need a System Update, go to Settings>> System Updates… If any update is available, you can get it here. To begin the procedure, select “Download and Update.”

  • Clear All Phone Storage

After you’ve updated your Android, the following step is to clear some space on your device. A smartphone should ideally have at least 300-400MB of free RAM space. Uninstall any apps that are no longer needed to save up space.

– Also, erase unwanted files (mostly videos, photographs, and PDFs) as they accumulate and begin to slow down your phone’s functionality.

– Clear the ‘cache data’ regularly.

Using the built-in Phone Master App on your TECNO, Itel, or Infinix smartphone, you can do App Update and space cleanup.

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  • Close background apps: 

The apps sucking your resources in the background are sometimes the culprit. Go to Settings > Applications > Running to get started.

Trace the running background apps and select “Force Stop.” If you notice any third-party apps, uninstall them immediately.

  • Check to see sure the system apps have not been disabled.

You may have deactivated some system apps, either consciously or unknowingly.

This may not only impair the operation of your operating system, but it may also cause your phone to restart or freeze.

Not to worry, you can find them and re-enable them. Navigate to Settings>> Applications. Scroll down to see which apps are marked “Disabled.” Enabling them may assist your system in returning to normal operation.

  • Examine for Corrupted Apps

Using your device in “Safe Mode” is the easiest approach to confirm that the problem is caused by corrupted apps.

If your phone works well in Safe Mode, the problem is with apps or software. Uninstall the suspected, recently-downloaded programs one by one in that instance.

Delete 2-3 apps all at once, then reset your phone to see if the problem has been resolved.

If the problem persists after removing the suspect apps, try “Factory Reset.”

If the “Phone Keeps Restarting” problem is caused by a faulty app or program, a factory reset is the only option.

It will restore the phone to its original system condition, where most issues will be resolved.

However, keep in mind that this step will wipe out all of the content and programs you have saved on your phone.

Don’t forget to back up your data beforehand. Also, ensure that the phone has enough battery power to complete the reset process.

How to Perform a Factory Reset on an Android Phone

– Go to Settings.

– Locate “System” at the bottom of the page.

– Select Reset options. Select “Erase All Data” or “Factory Reset.”

– When prompted, enter your Pin.

– Click Delete All and wait for the procedure to complete.

You can also use recovery mode to execute a ‘Factory Reset.’ When you are unable to boot your device, this option comes in helpful.

In that situation, you can enter Recovery Mode by simultaneously pushing the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume up keys.

The auto-restarting issue will most likely be resolved once the Factory Reset is completed.

If you’re not sure how to do it correctly, bring your phone to your nearest Carlcare location and our professionals will help you.

  • Hardware Repair

If none of the above alternatives work to resolve the “phone constantly restarting or freezing” issue, your phone may require hardware repair.

Take it to a reputable repair shop, such as Carlcare Service, for assistance.

Why your android phone keep restarting 

  1. Any software bug or third-party program
  2. Hardware Damage
  3. Overheating
  4. Liquid Insertion
  5. Loose Battery

Any software bug or third-party program:

If you’ve downloaded an unauthorized app that your device is incompatible with, or if some software has become corrupted.

Hardware Damage:

Any damage/fault in an electronic circuit or component in your smartphones, such as the screen or mainboard, could cause your phone to reboot indefinitely.

The most typical reason for this is if your phone was just dropped!


Most modern electronics are programmed to shut down immediately if the heat created inside is not dissipated.

Overheating is the term for it. Using Wi-Fi and GPS, or viewing movies for hours on end during the hot summer days, usually causes this problem.

How Do you fix Android phone that keeps Restarting? (Explained)
How Do you fix Android phone that keeps Restarting? (Explained)

Liquid Insertion:

Another cause of your phone auto-restarting is when liquid gets into the sensitive areas of your phone.

Loose Battery:

This occurs in phones with replaceable batteries. Over time, the battery may become a little too loose, either because the rear cover is slightly bent or because the battery connectors have worn down and are no longer in excellent condition.

Whatever the reason, even the smallest gap between the battery and the pins can cause the phone to restart.

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