How Do You Fix the Back screen On An iPhone XR? (Explained)

Fix the back screen on an iPhone XR in an easy steps. Apple’s official price for iPhone XR rear glass replacement is $399. (out of warranty).

That is indeed very expensive, and if not replaced promptly, it may scratch your hand again.

According to Apple, the iPhone XR features a seven-layer color process that provides the glass back with gorgeous nuanced hues, and the metal band and camera trim are color matched for a classy finish. This novel design is marked by its brittleness. After all, glass can shatter.

Let’s get right to it a cheap, safe, and easy solution to replace the rear glass on your iPhone XR.

Laser splitting machine replaces iPhone XR back glass

Place the iPhone XR in the laser work area first. This work area is built with an automatic positioning device that automatically adapts to the ideal position when the phone is placed on it.

Second, fine-tune the laser head’s focus. You accomplish this with the aid of the focus length stick.

Place the focus bar between the laser head and the iPhone XR, then adjust the laser head position to complete the focal length adjustment.

Third, choose the appropriate drawings. The XR can be found in drawings of the iPhone’s rear glass.

The machine’s drawings are constantly updated. When a new model is introduced, you shall sketch it for the first time.

Finally, click Figures to begin the laser separation. Through the machine’s window, you can see the inner workings. You can also go do something else and let the machine do the work.

Broken iPhone XR rear glass removal

 Pull the phone out after the laser machine has done scanning. The laser has eliminated the majority of the blue color from the back glass of the iPhone XR.

This also implies that the glue that held the back glass and the mid-frame together has been removed.

you must put on protective gloves and eyewear before removing the broken glass.

First and foremost, you must apply a protective coating to the iPhone XR screen. Because this phone does not have a screen protector, the screen may have glass scratches after it is fixed.

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In addition, for removal,  utilized a focus stick to carefully fracture the back glass into several little pieces.

Finally, used a blade and a sharp knife to carefully remove the rear glass. You can use the card to gradually scratch away the wireless charging area when removing it.

Remove the glue from the iPhone XR’s mid-frame.

Following the disassembly of the glass, you must clean the mid-frame. First,  scrape the adhesive from the edges using a sharp knife.

The black dust can then be removed using alcohol or detergent. It should be noted that liquid should be used sparingly, since too much liquid may infiltrate down from the wireless charging area or camera region.

You can see that the mid-frame has become incredibly clean after all of the black dust has been removed. Although there are still remnants of glue on the surface, this also aids  in flawlessly completing the iPhone XR rear glass repair.

Putting on the new iPhone XR back glass

Adhere adhesive to the mid-edge frames after following the marks on them. This allows to repair the new back cover glass in the same manner as the original.

Took the new iPhone XR blue back glass and glued it on the mid-frame after applying the glue.

Then, using the four fixing clips, secure the four sides of the phone and wait for the glue to dry.

Remove the anchoring clips once the glue has completely cured. As you can see, the iPhone XR rear glass repair works well.

How much do you think the iPhone XR rear glass replacement will cost if you have a laser? It’s great fun.

Final thought 

There you go now, I hope that this guide was helpful to you and that it helped you fix your iPhone back. If you did, kindly share with your experience in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading our guide.

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