Why Hanging Problems On Android Phone How Do You Fix This? (Explained)

Smartphones make it easier to conduct daily duties and communicate with others.

While in standby mode, a device might potentially hang up.

During a task, an application may also freeze, resulting in data loss.

If your phone routinely hangs up on you, you’ve come to the correct place.

Here are the most common causes of freezing and how to fix them.

Why Hanging Problems On Android Phone

  1. Poor phone signals
  2. Low storage space
  3. Low RAM
  4. Outdated software
  5. Apps with malware

Poor network signals that slow down the system can cause a phone to hang.

When your device’s storage space or RAM is low, it may potentially freeze.

Some smartphones will also hang up if the software is out of date.

Another common cause of phone hanging is using outdated apps or downloading malware-infected apps.

Overheating can also cause your device to slow down and freeze in the middle of a task.

Here is the detailed information on the various causes of a phone hanging:

  • Poor phone signals

You might not believe that phone signals can cause your phone to hang up, but they can.

Most people experience difficulties when they receive a call but the device hangs up.

This might happen before or after answering the phone.

The main cause of such hanging is a weak network signal.

The bars on the top-right side of your smartphone screen indicate strength.

Your phone signal is poor if you have fewer than three bars.

A lack of bars is also causing concern because it may affect the smartphone when you receive an online call, causing the app to hang.

If the bars shift regularly, your phone may potentially hang.

This is due to network interference with other signals used by the device.

  • Low storage space

All mobile phones include a certain amount of storage space, which can be measured in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB) (TB).

Most low-cost gadgets have a maximum storage capacity of 8 GB.

Some phones also include 16 GB of storage.

Other common storage capacities in Android phones are 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB.

Apple products are more modern, with large amounts of storage space that can exceed terabytes.

Because of low storage space, your Android phone is more likely to hang than your Apple device.

Many factors, such as the installation of multiple programs, contribute to limited storage space.

You can also use Google or other services to download movies to your phone.

On your device, such installations can take anywhere from a few MBs to a few GBs.

Pre-installed apps that you may not use take up space on your phone as well.

When your phone’s storage is low, it will begin to hang owing to apps fighting for background use.

  • Low RAM

Many people mix up RAM with storage space, but they are not the same thing.

RAM is a component of all devices that are utilized to manage the operating system.

It is significantly less than your phone’s overall storage space.

The primary function of RAM is to keep the programs and data that you are now using on the phone.

Everything saved in the background or downloaded on your phone takes up storage space.

As a result, mobile phones with minimal RAM capacities can also be advanced.

If your phone needs aren’t high or you don’t download many apps, images, or movies, a minimal capacity may suit you.

If your requirements are high, your RAM will run out of space, causing your phone to hang.

People who have been using the same gadget for several years are more likely to have low RAM.

Because only a certain amount of apps can operate at the same time, the phone will begin to hang.

  • Outdated software

All Android and Apple devices come with pre-installed software that is continuously updated by the companies.

If you do not install the new software for an extended time, your device will begin to hang.

This is because your phone’s apps will become less compatible with the loaded OS.

To provide you with a consistent experience, your apps may automatically update from the Play Store or App Store.

Developers mostly offer new updates to make their products more compatible with the latest Android and iOS software editions.

If your apps frequently crash, your phone’s software needs to be updated.

Apps that frequently crash and freeze may potentially cause the device to hang for several minutes.

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  • Apps with malware

Because of the possibility to download third-party programs from various websites, Android users have more flexibility than Apple users.

Applications that are not available in the Play Store can be installed.

This may be useful at times and allow you to work more efficiently, but it is not always the case.

Not all external apps on the internet are safe or developed by trustworthy developers.

Some third-party apps are developed by cyber criminals with concealed spyware to steal your data.

Downloading such an app will not only expose your personal information, but it will also slow down your phone.

Some apps may also include random spyware, causing your device to hang.

This also applies to apps that haven’t been extensively bug-tested.

How do you fix the hanging problems of an Android phone?

  1. Improve Your Signal
  2. Use an SD Card
  3. Get a Large RAM Capacity
  4. You Should Update Your Device
  5. Apps should be updated.
  6. Avoid installing third-party apps.

Getting better signals to avoid network difficulties is a general solution for phone hanging.

You might also acquire an SD card to solve the problem of limited storage space.

Updating the software and apps on your phone will help provide optimum compatibility and a low danger of hanging.

Purchasing a gadget with a large RAM capacity is also recommended to avoid phone hanging.

For maximum device performance, you should also avoid utilizing VPNs for extended periods.

Here are the specifics on how to fix a phone that is hanging up:

Why Hanging Problems On Android Phone How Do You Fix This? (Explained)
Why Hanging Problems On Android Phone How Do You Fix This? (Explained)
  • Improve Your Signal

Getting better signals will help you avoid having your phone hang due to a lack of signal strength.

Better networks can be obtained by placing the device in a location with more mobile towers.

If you live in a distant area, you may not be able to quickly remedy this problem.

Another option is to purchase an antenna or to complain to your network operator.

You should also investigate which areas of your home are causing you to have higher bars.

Going to that location when taking calls minimizes the chances of the phone freezing or hanging up.

  • Use an SD Card

Phones frequently hang up due to a lack of storage space.

Using an SD card is the best approach to solving this problem.

Because the external card provides greater storage capacity, this workaround is mostly for Android devices.

The best thing is that you may customize the storage capacity of your SD card.

You can also avoid running out of space by purchasing a gadget with more memory than you require.

For iPhone users with significant storage requirements, 256 GB or more is suggested.

  • Get a Large RAM Capacity

A phone’s RAM capacity may vary from model to model.

You can acquire a device with a large storage capacity to ensure you don’t run out of space.

This is because there is no simple solution, such as purchasing an extra card for low RAM.

As a result, you must guarantee that your phone’s RAM is relatively large.

You can also avoid running out of RAM by not downloading games to your phone.

It is also advisable to just install social networking programs that are relevant to your needs.

Unused programs can be deleted to save storage and RAM space.

  • You Should Update Your Device

It is also vital to update your device to avoid your phone from hanging.

All previous issues on your phone will be removed by the updated firmware.

It will also improve the security system to provide a more seamless experience.

Another advantage of updating software is that your phone’s apps will be more compatible.

The likelihood of your gadget hanging will be greatly reduced.

After a software update, the phone may also get speedier, reducing the frequency with which apps crash.

  • Apps should be updated.

The software on your phone may be updated, but the benefits may be limited unless you also update the loaded apps.

If a new version of an application is published, make sure you download it as soon as possible.

This will prevent the program from crashing and also clean up any problems on your device.

App updates also indicate the optimum compatibility between your device and the application.

Signing up for beta versions should also be avoided because a glitch in the beta app may cause your phone to hang.

Only use tested and official versions of the application.

  • Avoid installing third-party apps.

When you download programs from Google or other browsers, the source and developer are unknown.

These apps require special permissions to be installed.

If you allow the download, your phone may be infected with malware from the app.

Avoid installing apps that require you to enable the download from unknown sources option on your smartphone.

Sticking to the Play Store for apps is the best option because the developers are trustworthy.

Final thought 

This is all you need to know about why your phone keeps ringing.

Your phone may hang due to a lack of space, overheating, or RAM problems.

Freeing up space and resetting your phone regularly can help keep it from hanging.

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