How Do You Fix Mods On Cities Skylines That Won’t Download? (Explained)

Fix mods on city skylines that shows they were downloaded but don’t appear in the game in an easy step. The best method to have more fun in Cities: Skylines is to play the game with Mods.

On a sad note, you may have observed that when a new update or DLC is released, it removes all of your mods from their hub, resulting in Cities Skylines mods not appearing.

Cities: Skyline mods simplify certain portions of the game while also making them visually appealing.

Furthermore, since the release of these patches, numerous players have reported that Cities: Skylines mods either do not appear or do not operate at all.

Although this appears to be a prevalent issue in Cities: Skylines, there are many simple yet effective remedies. We’ll get acquainted with a few of them here.

This is a regular issue in general sports, but fortunately, there is a very simple solution; we will explain how to turn your Mods or cure their difficulties below.

How Do You Fix Mods On City Skylines That Won’t Download?

  1.  Ensure that all mods are up to date.
  2. Determine whether the mod has been updated (or whether it is not working as expected).
  3.  Verify that your mod is included in the game.
  4. Please ensure that the mod has not been discontinued.

Troubleshooting Mods That Do Not Appear in Cities: Skylines

In general, there are several reasons why a mod does not appear or work with Cities Skylines after the update. Here are some of the reasons why Mods aren’t appearing in cities: Skylines:

  • Your mods have not been updated.
  • Your game does not work with the current version.
  • The mod is no longer in use, has been rejected, or is currently obsolete.
  • The developer has included it throughout the game.

The game’s community has done an excellent job of keeping track of which are still operational and which are not.

However, for mods that aren’t working, you’ll need to keep an eye on the developer’s official website.

If such differences exist, you must contact the developer as soon as possible.

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Step 1: Ensure that all mods are up to date.

The best part about modding Cities: Skylines is that mods are usually self-update. As a result, you don’t have to worry about staying current.

However, if the mod’s creator has previously updated all of the files on the Steam Workshop, your mod should update automatically the next time you launch Cities: Skylines.

If you visit the Cities: Skylines Steam Workshop or its Reddit thread, you will find a list of all mods that have been proven to be updated and compatible with the most recent version of the game.

Step 2: Determine whether the mod has been updated (or whether it is not working as expected).

Given that the new Mass Transit DLC is still in its early stages, some mod developers have yet to update their files.

According to the Steam Workshop list as of September 27th, these mods are still in need of an update.

  • Automatic Emptying Extended
  • Control Building Level-up
  • Compass Mod
  • Dynamic Resolution
  • IOperateIt
  • Functional Nursing Homes
  • Prop Unlimited
  • Rainfall
  • Road Color Changer Continued

Along with this list, Reddit users have added the following mods that do not work as intended:

  • First Person Camera
  • One-Way Train Track
  • Mark-a-Route
  • Vehicle Asset Editor

Step 3: Verify that your mod is included in the game.

Sometimes mod creators come up with fascinating ideas that should be included in the base game. Because the developers of Cities: Skylines actively engage and communicate with their community, certain mods have been completely ported into the game.

As a result, they are no longer required as mods in the game:

Some popular mods that have been fully integrated into Cities are listed below: Skylines:

  • Bulldozer Elevation Control
  • Local-Only Transport Stations
  • Infinite Oil and Ore (both versions)
  • One-way Street Arrows
  • Road Name
  • No Soil Limit
  • Toggle Traffic Light
  • Traffic Report Tool
How Do You Fix Mods On Cities Skylines That Won't Download? (Explained)
How Do You Fix Mods On Cities Skylines That Won’t Download? (Explained)

Step 4: Please ensure that the mod has not been discontinued.

Developers may discover that discontinuing the mod is in their best interests. Whether it’s because they no longer have time to maintain it, the mod requires a large update to operate with new content, or another modification in the game has caused controversy.

In any case, occasionally developers simply quit supporting their Cities: Skylines addons.

Of course, the list is always updated. However, since the arrival of Mass Transit, the following mods have been discontinued:

  • Asset Vehicle Editor
  • Extended Building Information
  • Improved Public Transport
  • District Service Limit
  • Transport Line Manager
  • Traffic++

How to Fix Subscribed Mods Not Appearing in the Game Menu

If your subscribed mods aren’t showing up in Cities: Skylines, there are two methods you may do to resolve the problem:

How to Fix Subscribed Mods Not Showing up in Game Menu?

If subscribed mods aren’t showing up in Cities: Skylines, there are two steps to completely fix this issue:

  1. Go to this location:
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\255710 

and copy workshop mod folders

  1. Next, paste them into this location:

C:\Users\”Your Account Name”\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods

If the preceding methods do not work, you can try again by unsubscribing and resubscribing to the mods.

Final thought

This method was intended to resolve the issue of Cities: Skylines mods not appearing, and we hope it was successful.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section and we will respond as soon as possible.

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