How Do I fix 100% CPU Usage On CoD Warzone? (Explained)

How do you fix 100% CPU Usage on CoD Warzone?. Their enormous CPU usage is the toughest foe that many players must contend with. 

The CPU usage of the game can be excessive at times (even reaching 100%). This may result in game crashes and other undesirable problems. Fortunately, we know just how to handle this specific issue. 

How to Fix Warzone’s 100% CPU Usage

  1. Driver updates for GPU cards.
  2. Reduce the graphics settings for Warzone.
  3. Application Priority level should be set to Normal.
  4. Turn off the NVIDIA overlay function.
  5. Enhance virtual memory

You’ll need to take several troubleshooting actions if you can’t identify the root cause of your PC’s frequent crashes and CPU utilization increases when playing Call of Duty Warzone. Discover your options below.

  • Driver updates for GPU cards.

When playing games, outdated or damaged graphics card drivers can cause issues. Before starting the game again, make sure you install any updates and check for the most recent GPU drivers.

  • Reduce the graphics settings for Warzone.

Warzone requires a CPU with an Intel® CoreTM i5-2500K or AMD RyzenTM R5 1600X processor as a minimum.

If you play Warzone at higher graphics settings and your computer has one of the aforementioned CPUs or one that is even slower you may have excessive CPU use issues.

See if the issue can be resolved by playing the game on the lowest settings possible.

  • Application Priority level should be set to Normal.

Windows launches games with High priority by default, however, if your computer is slow, increasing the priority could be helpful.

After altering the game’s Priority setting in Task Manager, some gamers claim their Warzone gameplay experience has improved. Here is how to accomplish it:

-Press Control + Shift + ESC to launch Task Manager.

On the Details tab, click.

-Find ModernWarfare.exe and select it with the right click.

-Highlight Normal and choose Set Priority.

-To confirm, click Change Priority.

-Restart the computer and look for the issue once more.

How Do I fix 100% CPU Usage On CoD Warzone? (Explained)

  1. Turn off the NVIDIA Overlay function.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you might want to try disabling the in-game overlay to see if it helps. Some games have been known to crash as a result of this feature.

– Launch the Geforce Experience program.

-From the UI, select Settings.

On the General tab, click.

-Disable the toggle for the in-game overlay.

-Quit the game and the window.

-Close and relaunch Warzone to see whether the high CPU issue persists.

  1. Enhance virtual memory

8 GB of RAM is the bare minimum that Warzone needs. You can resolve the problem by turning some hard drive sectors into temporary memory or virtual memory if your PC frequently runs out of memory while the game is running. This is how to accomplish it:

-On the keyboard, press the Windows (Win) key.

  • Enter “Control Panel”

– Launch the Control Panel program.

-Switch to System

Choose Advanced system options from the menu.

-Click Settings under the Performance section of the Advanced tab.

Pick the Advanced tab.

-Click Change in the Virtual memory section.

-Uncheck Option to automatically manage the size of paging files across all drives.

– Choose the Custom size option and the drive on which the game is installed.

-Set the Initial and Maximum sizes to values greater than 2GB (2048MB).

-When finished, select Set before selecting OK.

-Finally, press the OK button once more.

-Restart your computer, then look for the issue.

Address the issue now.

We briefly discussed this error’s probable causes and fixes before. We will now examine each potential fix in further detail.

Your GPU drivers can easily be updated. You must be aware of the type of graphics card you are running, though. It essentially comes down to choosing between AMD and NVIDIA drivers.

You can immediately turn those settings down if you believe they are the issue. However, it would be worthwhile to confirm your computer’s specifications.

The only real remedy might be a computer upgrade if you don’t already have at least an Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X processor.

The in-game overlay can be disabled if your graphics card is an NVIDIA one. This can improve the overall experience and assist in preventing the CPU utilization problem.

You can increase the virtual memory on your computer if memory is the major problem.

Select Virtual Memory when you reach the “Performance” area of your advanced settings.

From this point, you can set initial and maximum size higher than 2048 MB, uncheck the box to automatically control page file size, and restart your computer.

You may also choose to employ warzone hacks with aimbot to improve your gaming experience.

What Contributes to Call of Duty: Warzone’s high CPU usage?

Your high CPU issue may be caused by a variety of variables. Even though they might vary greatly, hardware-related cases are the most frequent.

The known causes of excessive CPU utilization while playing Call of Duty: Warzone are listed below.

  • Outdated GPU Drivers.

Drivers are little pieces of software that operate specific hardware, such as a graphics card.

How Do I fix 100% CPU Usage On CoD Warzone? (Explained)

Drivers may occasionally require coding updates to function properly or to address known issues.

To reduce the likelihood that your games will give you issues, make sure to routinely update your GPU drivers.

  • Faulty or sluggish CPU.

New games like Call of Duty Warzone may not operate smoothly on computers with earlier processing generations or CPUs.

Some CPU performance issues can be resolved by adjusting the settings, but if you’re already running the game at the lowest graphical option and it still stutters, freezes, or lags, you might need to update the CPU.

Low memory.

Applications or games that need a lot of RAM or memory are needed. Warzone won’t operate correctly on your computer if it doesn’t have the 8 GB of RAM that is the minimum need.

Other unidentified hardware issues.

There are numerous additional causes for high CPU utilization issues in your game.

For instance, a broken hard drive, faulty RAM, or an unworkable GPU card can cause crashing problems.

Final thought

If you’re reading this, you probably want a quick solution to this problem. What happens, though, if you’ve tried everything and the issue still exists?

Although we hate to announce it, your computer is now the most likely culprit behind the problem. Your best option might be to increase your CPU, GPU, and/or memory as necessary.

To look out for:

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